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The flyer says it all folks, one of the funkiest salons in town, The Style Club on South William Street in Dublin is giving ten percent off cuts, colours and treatments until the end of the month and they’ve asked us to spread the word. In these cash-strapped times of ours, that’s a pretty nifty saving, so if you’re in a style rut, or just fancy a change, print out this flyer and make your appointment before the month is out 


agy deyn


Agyness Deyn, always one to shock in the style stakes, took it even further at the Met Gala Benefit last weekend. The model had some major glamafication before the party, replacing her offbeat, kooky style, (loud colours, mis-matched fabrics, punky hair) with an old school, Hollywood glamour look, complete with vamped up bouffant, winged eyes and glistening jewels to match her taupe Burberry gown.

Now we here at STELLAR TOWERS are just torn in two, the Go Agy camp reckon she look’s the business, stunning and glamourous while retaining her individuality, the other side, let’s call them the No Agy camp, reckon she looks more like she’s been dragged through a bush than a hair salon. So we’re taking it to the great Irish public, Agy’s new ‘do, yay, or nay?

Alexa has done it again. Coming out of Bungalow 8 on Monday night she showed off her newly bobbed hair-cut.

It seems the shorter her hair goes the more fashion attention she gets – the face of New Look, magazine covers and modeling in fashion shows.

Back with her long locks, Alexa was just an average, pretty t.v. presenter and then she chopped off her hair and BANG a little fashionista was born.

Alexa Chung new bobbed haircut Alexa Chung


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