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We love anything that saves us a few quid so we can have that holiday in the sun this year. So of course we have checked out the new vid from Style Clinic on how to shop neutral on Ebay hosted by designer and stylist, Kim Gilbert. If you want clever tips on how to update your wardrobe without spending this is the place to come to learn.

Watch how Kim updates her wardrobe without breaking the bank and gets rid of unwanted items at the same time!

Ok, so we’re all for supporting fashion self-expression but seriously, what were Lady Gaga and Britney thinking wearing these outfits last night at the Grammys? Gaga chose a planet orbit style concoction that looked like she’d been zorbed in for the night from another planet. Meanwhile, poor ole Britney is still choosing to defy the Hollywood stylist but ended up looking more like mutton dressed as a black lamb than hot superstar.The black body suit covered in laced netting was never going to look good on anyone- let alone Britney.

Who do you think wore the worst outfit? Tell us what you think…


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