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So you love blogging about fashion? Well so do we and now is your chance to be crowned queen of the Irish fashion bloggers. Now who doesn’t want that title. All that is required is that you love fashion and the ONLY jeans brand.

Its simple to become renowned in the blogosphere just like famed Susie Bubble or Tavi! The winner will be invited to the ONLY 15 year anniversary party where you will smooze with fellow fashion bloggers from around the world. Imagine the fashion-offs at the party!

All you got to do is just download the application form from and send it to before the 21st June 2010. Easy peasy! Make sure that your application stands out from the crowd, showing your blogs personality at the same time. Plus answer all their questions about why you love fashion, especially jeans. Winning the title of Irelands best blogger will be one fierce competition ladies (and gents), so quick get blogging before we beat you to it.

We here at the Stellar towers find it a chore to go shopping for jeans- and we really love shopping. So why is it that every woman finds it so difficult to find that perfect fit? Well the wait is over thanks to Portuguese Jean brand, Salsa who have finally realised us normal women need a little more help in the booty area when it comes to jeans.

New to BT2 this Spring this Portuguese Jeanswear company are the latest jeans to help slim the abdominal area, shape the waist, accentuate the curves and push up the posterior (we’ll take three pairs please).  Rumored to be a true cosmetic operation without the surgery this sounds too good to be true. Well if we look anything like these models while wearing them, then we’re sold.

Retailing at €90 from BT2


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