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Did you know you can purchase eyeshadow, blushes etc without the packaging? Yeah neither did we. It seems it was a clever little secret makeup artists everywhere were keeping from us. Well now we can get in on this clever tip by purchasing a Z palette which are now available in Ireland.

Beauty blog and Youtube sensation, the Z Palette is a handy magnetic palette that will allow all shapes, sizes and brands be transported in one easy, on-the-go beauty way.

Forget the days of carrying out your entire makeup bag full of different brands and brushes, this palette will get you organised so that you only have to carry around all your favorites. So what do we especially love about it? Well it has a clear window so you can see what’s inside and it’s completely durable, and easily cleaned, plus its eco-friendly without all that packaging.

So remember when your on your next splurge in MAC (we’re on are way there now) ask them for unpotted eyeshadow instead. They might wonder where you heard the secret but who cares when your saving money and have all your fave colours in one palette.

Check out for tips on de-potting makeup.

Buy at:

And some turtles while you’re at it…Our May issue of Stellar featured some top tips for all the tree hugging fashionistas out there to get a little bit greener, well we’ve found one more. String bags, also known as turtle bags are the chicest, eco-friendliest way to carry around your apples and oranges. Best of all they’re available in all the colours of the rainbow, so you can nab one to go with every outfit. Pick up yours at or


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