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New Ballygowan Pink Bottle

You’ve probably noticed by now that Ballygowan bottles are looking suspiciously girly of late. That’s because the water peeps have teamed up with The Marie Keating foundation to raise much-needed awareness and funds for breast cancer with the B Part of It Campaign. The bottles will be tickled pink until October in the run-up to Breast Cancer Awareness Month while the campaign will see lots of other events and initiatives over the coming months. You can B Part Of It yourself, (see what we did there?) by logging on to and joining the B Part Of It fanpage on

Christmas time, with mistletoe and…parties. Okay, so that’s not how the song goes but we here at STELLAR Towers love a good Christmas party. Sometimes though being the hostess with the mostess is a stressful gig. So to help you on your way, we’ve teamed up with one of our favourite Yuletide tipples, Baileys. They’ve got some top tips courtesy of party planner to the stars, Maneesh Goyal on how to through throw the shindig of the season. 

1. One of the key things to get right is the invitation – it sets the tone of the party, classy or wild, sit down meal or dancing? Make it personal, make it stand out and build the buzz by getting it right. 

2. Have an eclectic mix of people on the guest list, it’s always good to see new faces when you enter a room. 

3. Look at the entrance and see if you can do something creative and impactful when your guests first walk in with lights or decorations. 

4. Spend at least 45 minutes chatting with your guests a the beginning of the party, make sure everyone is mixing, and make a special effort with any shy guests you might have. Within an hour things will be running on their own leaving you free to dash off to the kitchen. 

5. The key to great party food is that it’s unfussy – keep it simple, elegant, and chic. Have a variety to suit everyone with hot, cold, meat and veggie choices. 

6. Lighting is really important for creating ambience at a party, use dim lamps and candles for a really festive glow. 

7. Music is another key factor for the perfect party – choose songs that suit the mood, and your gusts, whether that’s cheesy Christmas songs, or choral carols. 

8. Finally remember it’s a party! If you’re stressed out, your guests will be too, so have a drink in hand, have a good time, and if something goes wrong, just have a joke about it. 

Once to know you’ve a great party on your hands,you’ve got to tackle the biggest dilemma of all…what are you going to wear? 

Well the good people at Baileys have sorted that one too, and it’s all in the name of a good cause. Because it’s Christmas, and because they’ve got a gorgeous new red bow bottle, Baileys have teamed up with SATC stylist Patricia Field (yes, the woman behind all our favourite Carrie and Co ensembles) to create a festive gown that will scream hostess with the mostess. 

Patricia has designed the Baileys Red Bow dress just for Irish women with all the proceeds going to Oxfam Ireland. The dress (modelled above by Kim Cattrall and below, by our very own Glenda Gilson) will be auctioned exclusively on Simply search for “Baileys Red Bow Dress”, start bidding and bag yourself the stand-out dress of the season. Best of all, it’s for a great cause…and you can be guaranteed no-one at your party will be wearing the same thing. 


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