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Purse £8.95

 If like us, you’re always on the look-out for new opportunities to test the benefits of retail therapy, look no further than Stocked with gorgeous jewellery, quirky gift ideas and the cutest baby clothes what you ever did see, all at really low prices (that’s the beauty of UK sites sometimes). It’s a go-to website if you need your shopping fix, without the killer credit card bill and a great place to bag a really unique treat for someone special. Have at look at our top picks and decide for yourself…x

Scarf £13.95

Bracelet £12.95


Wall Hooks £9.50

Keeping up the theme of all things bedazzled, Lily Allen launched her new jewellery collection today and so on the ball are we, we’ve got the pics hot off the press…(complete with a minor boob flash)

We’re big fans of the panda pendants – not quite sure if we want the giant Lily Allen logo hanging off our necks. There’s also coins, letters, road signs and fruit, but the flashy flamingo is our absolute fave, and we hear it’s Lily’s too. 

Let us know what you think, the collection will be hitting a store near you in September…watch this space for more details xxx 

Lily Allen

Lily Allen

Lily Allen Jewellery Collection

My oh my, we’ve fallen in love. With bags, and hats and dresses and jewellery. The lovely ladies from the vintage clothing wonderland that is Dirty Fabulous, have recently returned from one helluva shopping trip in New York City. And the generous people they are, they’ve brought back something for everyone, literally. You’ll have a hard time not falling in love in this shop, between the fascinators, (you’ll defo win ladies’ day at the races with these ones) darling brooches, (the perfect gift) beautiful bags, (great to stand out at a wedding) and stunning dresses, that need to explanation, they’re just amazing, there really is something for everyone regardless of shape, size or style – in case you haven’t noticed, we want it all!

Now we know it’s getting harder to splash out on fashion of late, but it’s all about clever purchasing. These classic, timeless pieces are gonna last you forever and sure aren’t they practically antiques,  and if Bargain Hunt and the Antiques Roadshow have thought us anything (well they haven’t really), it’s that these things are a good investment. Safer than shares or property anyway and a whole lot more gorgeous.

For all the details on Dirty Fabulous visit


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