agy deyn


Agyness Deyn, always one to shock in the style stakes, took it even further at the Met Gala Benefit last weekend. The model had some major glamafication before the party, replacing her offbeat, kooky style, (loud colours, mis-matched fabrics, punky hair) with an old school, Hollywood glamour look, complete with vamped up bouffant, winged eyes and glistening jewels to match her taupe Burberry gown.

Now we here at STELLAR TOWERS are just torn in two, the Go Agy camp reckon she look’s the business, stunning and glamourous while retaining her individuality, the other side, let’s call them the No Agy camp, reckon she looks more like she’s been dragged through a bush than a hair salon. So we’re taking it to the great Irish public, Agy’s new ‘do, yay, or nay?