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With Easter weekend just one more working day away many of us will be thinking about jetting off on little last minute voyage persay. Whether it be down to grannies humble abode in Kerry, an extreme surfing trip with mates in Donegal or a sunny city break in Barcelona we all have one thing in common – what to pack for the weekend break.

The fine art of packing light is something that takes years to master and as self-confessed fashionistas in Stellar mag we would like to think that we are pretty well darned equipped to share a few tips in this area. From our backpacking days to packing up clothes for photo shoots we know what every girl needs to make her trip a light yet still fashionable one.

1. Start off with a chic bag and invest in a leather one if your budget can afford it as it will last longer and age better (like ourselves of course). Check out this tanned leather one from Accessorize, €51. Remember to pack the heavier things at the bottom with the lighter items that are more likely to crease on top.

2. Prepare your outfits before hand and bring things that will mix and match easily when you are there. A pair of jeans is a must, one blazer/jacket that will look smart in the the day and evening and the essential item, the striped tee- even though your going to Kerry you’ll feel as if your on the French Riviera. This one is from River Island, €17.50.

3. Accessories are the key to simple outfits when travelling and a statement necklace or even a bright red lippy can change a little black dress from day to night. We love this turquoise and gold Angie Gooderham one from House of Fraser, €132.



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