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Laura Izibor

We’re flipping loving this weather here at STELLAR Towers and have all our limbs crossed that it’s here to stay. There’s nothing better than kicking back in the garden or the park listening to a few tunes, and who are we hearting on our i-pods at the moment? Our new girl crush, Laura Izibor. 

(If you’ve been sleeping under a boulder of late, Laura is set to be Ireland’s greatest export, with a soul sound that’s more Motown than Marley Park, you might know her as yer wan that sings Shine on the Hibernian ads but her songs have also featured in P.S. I Love You and Grey’s Anatomy.)

A few STELLAR peeps went to her gig in Tripod last week and she was bloomin’ amazing, who knew a girl from Dublin could have so much soul? While we were already fans of her album, her live set just blew us away. She’s such a sweetheart, and so humble, it was great to be at a gig where the musician is genuinely excited to be there and boy can the girl sing – she has one mighty pair of lungs. 

She has a packed summer of gigs planned, jetting off to the US and Asia but next time she hits home soil, it’s one show you shouldn’t miss. She is also recording some unplugged tracks for 2fm this week, so keep your ears peeled for those

.  And if you haven’t bought it yet, pick up her album, Let The Truth Be Told, it’s the perfect sunny day record. We rate Don’t Say, If Tonight Is My Last and Mmmm as our fave tracks, (though they’re all good really.) Can you tell we’re in love yet?x



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