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Mia Farrow's elegant innocence in The Great Gatsby

Urban Outfitters’ new TBA Collection, designed by Binbin McNiven, takes it’s inspiration from actress Mia Farrow (the woman Woody Allen left to date his adopted step-daughter…weird).

Appearing as a wide eyed innocent in 60’s horror classic Rosemary’s Baby or a decadent 1920’s flapper in The Great Gatsby, Mia was the definition of sophistication and cool, and had an inherent innocence, grace and naive charm. The TBA collection tries to capture all the features of Mia Farrow’s look over the years.

The combination of metallics (which featured prominently in many Oscar gowns this year) and soft powder colours, TBA’s latest collection creates an effortless sex appeal which takes inspiration from some of Mia’s on-screen vixens. 

The collection features some classic, modern shapes and styles including:

  • Baby doll dress with hand made beaded peter pan collars
  • A four tier hand-beaded mini dress
  • Jazzy flapper dress
  • Metallic beaded gold long waist coat

Here are a couple of the new pieces to get an idea, pop in to Urban Outfitters and check out the whole range.


Nude tiered dress from new TBA Collection


Gold Dress from new TBA Collection




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