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Jimmy Choo

Ladies and er…more ladies, we have an announcement to make. No longer will Jimmy Choo’s be the stuff of red carpets and catwalks, the kind of shoes we peer at, longingly, from a distance, deep down knowing, that our poor tootsies, will never be graced with such works of art. That’s right girlies, you don’t need to marry a old rich bloke or win the lotto to bag some Jimmy Choos any more. From November 14, (don’t crack open your piggy banks just yet) H&M stores across the land will be stocking their very own range of  his royal high-heel-ness’ shoes and bags…yep we squealed a bit at our desks too…

So that’s about 5 months to get saving, forget Christmas presents this year, we’re buying the whole collection…see ya in the queue….




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