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We here in STELLAR Towers love to talk…a lot. We talk about blokes, celebs, make-up, mates, and clothes, especially clothes. So to let you inside the minds and shopping bags of the peeps here in STELLAR, we’ll be hitting the blog to share some of our recent purchases we’re loving. We get excited when we get comments, and really want to know what you ladies are buying too, so please feel free to wax lyrical about your star buys too…

We’ve been hearing about Claire’s new amazo-scarf all week. She’s fallen head over heels in love with the Circle Scarf from American Apparel. For just 28 squid, you get a hella warm scarf, that can also be worn 14 other ways. Yup, 15 pieces for the price of one – we’re all over that. 

We can confirm, after much acrobatics, that all 15 are possible, and most, pretty wearable. The thick jersey fabric, makes it really versatile, and cosy, but they also do a sheer version for the warmer blooded girlies out there. We really love how it can be work as a kind of shawl, which comes in very handy this weather (particularly when the bloke you fancy decides to spend the night hanging out in the beer garden – grrrr.)

Claire bagged one in olive green, but we’re betting she’ll have them all by next payday. Oh and another thing, they’re uni-sex, so you can share it with the man in your life too. With all this going for it, no wonder Claire hearts it so. 




So what’s in your shopping bags this month? Have you bagged a bargain or had a splurge? We want to hear about it, so please do share…


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