Miss Von Teese...

Alas, Halloween is over. But just when you thought you had to wait a whole year before it was appropriate to wear underwear in public again, along comes a glamourous event to have us stripping off faster than you can say Can Can. 

In honour of the Moulin Rouge’s 120th bday, the fabulous peeps at The Dublin Burlesque Ball are hosting “A Prelude To Christmas” this Saturday (November 21st) in the Morrison Hotel on Dublin’s Ormond Quay. 

This is a night out with a difference, and if you’re planning a girly one this weekend, this tops our recommendations. Like taking a step back in time, you get to glam up old school and feel like a lady.  We’re talking panties, corsets, retro dresses, and a lot of red lipstick and hairspray – we advise going all out of your outfit for this one, as those who dress ‘normally’ tend to stick out like sore thumbs. 

While at 36-45 quid, the price is steeper than a nightclub, you are getting to see international burlesque performers (who by the way, are sooo sexy, you’ll be wanting to tassle-dance around a pole by the end of the night) so consider it more like going to a concert than just a club – you get a lot of burlesque for your buck. 

And if you’re still not sold, we promise, guys look way hotter in dapper pinstripe suits than any other time, so if you’re out on the pull, it’s the place to score gents this Saturday night. (And if you don’t want a gent, there’ll probably be some of them too.)

So see you all there on Saturday…if you’re looking for us, we’ll be the ones trying to sit in our Martini glasses… x


Dublin Burlesque Ball Poster