Burberry know the merits of the timeless trench and today they’re showing just how much love they have for this iconic wardrobe stable. They’ve just unveiled their new website theartofthetrench.com, a social networking site that will be ‘an evolving celebration of the iconic Burberry trench coat’. Users can view pics of guys and gals showcasing their beloved garment on the streets of everywhere from Sao Paulo to New York. Creative Director Christopher Bailey said that everybody has a different story related to their coat and loved the idea that people from all over the world could share these stories and images as well as capturing the different attitudes and expressions of the Burberry trench coat and the people who wear it. First up to snap people on the streets was The Satorialist’s Scott Shuman but the label have lined up plenty more to follow suit. Users are also able to submit their own images and leave comments! Check out the results at theartofthetrench.com