You know us here at STELLAR Towers, we’re dedicated followers of fashion, eager to jump on the next harem pant, shoulder pad, or knee-warmer bandwagon, (well maybe not the knee warmers.) But there’s one trend that’s got us thinking, and not just about what shoes will match it. Ethical fashion is a term that’s been bandied about for quite some time now. Not just en vogue because some trendy celeb has been spotted in an organic cotton tee or vintage coat, this is one trend that might just have the sustainability to outlast the season. 

However with lofty folks in far-off fashion capitals talking about organic this and ethical that, it’s tough for us lay fashionistas to know where to start in making practical, affordable steps towards a more sustainable wardrobe. Thankfully, a group of Irish ethicalistas (yep, it’s a word) have set up  to sort out the fact from fibs and give you all you need to know for dressing ethically and stylishly in Ireland. 

And for the thrifty among you, one upcoming Re-dress event might be the soundest wardrobe investment you’ve made all year. Rather than splurging 80 quid on another new dress, learn how to make 5 new dresses and more with the Crafternoon Tea Design Day organsed by Re-dress. You’ll get a crash course in all things up-cycling. Learn how to alter your existing threads, and begin to make new ones and with a follow-up intermediate course on offer, you’ll be a dab-hand at dress-making in no time. 

See all the info on the flyer below, and happy stitching x 

crafternoon tea october flyer