Melanoma Awareness Month

Did you know?

  • Ireland has among the highest skin cancer rates in Europe with over 5,000 new cases of the disease every year.
  • In Ireland, 1 in every 10 women will develop skin cancer by the age of 74 years.
  • 66% of Irish people have a higher risk of developing Skin Cancer because of their skin type.
  • 90% of all skin cancers are preventable. Virtually all the risk comes from the sun and sun beds/sun lamps.

Scary stuff from the Irish Cancer Society we know, but the good folks a La Roche-Posay are using May – Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness Month – to try to turn these statistics around and make Irish women more aware of their skin in the sun. They’ve just launched a brand spanking new website which is packed with information and tips for healthy skin habits and being melanoma aware. The website even has a quiz to test your skin cancer risk and a super helpful guide for checking out your moles. 

If you’re craving even more info than the new site has to offer, get your ass to a free Melanoma Skin Cancer Public Awareness lecture on May 14 at 6pm in the Royal College of Surgeons. There you’ll get a expert’s run-down of all you need to know about Melanoma and its prevention. (Book yourself and a mate a spot at

And that’s not all girlies..During the month of May, patients without health insurance who are referred by their GP to Eccles Clinic will be seen by a plastic surgeon for free for diagnosis and treatment where necessary. If the mole is suspicious, they will receive free surgery and the excised mole with will be sent to the pathology department at the Mater Private Hospital, where it will be examined for free. So no more excuses for procrastinating, get yourself checked out…90% of early melanoma detected on time can be cured, so it really ain’t worth taking the risk now is it?

Stay safe people, wear sun cream…yep, even in Ireland.